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ISF certified

calibration/alignment of Home Theater Video Systems (TV's, projectors switchers, format changers and sources) and PC output cards and monitors.

"World Class" set-up

Complete optimization of video projection systems (CRT/DLP/LCOS/LCD) using ISF/SMPTE standards and practices.

BARCO certified

Digital Cinema L2:
Advanced Diagnostics and Service

Barco Certified Expert- DC:
Installation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance Laser Projection


VC&C video and audio calibration services are performed by Pat Bradley (certified ISF instructor/calibrationist, trained by Joe Kane, SMPTE member, HAA certified), using an appropriate combination of the equipment listed below.

HAA certified

audio alignment and calibration of home theaters.

Freelance DCI

Projectionist and Setup Engineer

Current Test Equipment

Photo Research PR-670 spectrum radiometer
DVDO AV LAB TPG 4k test pattern generator
Digital Video Essentials & HD Benchmark test discs

ISF Video Calibration is recommended for:

All types of Consumer Televisions including;
Direct view CRT, Plasma or LCD flat-panel, CRT, LCD or DLP rear projection television and CRT, LCD or DLP projectors (National Television Systems Committee or Advance Television Systems Committee) used to reproduce High Definition TV, DVD, LD, satellite, broadcast/cable, or videotape sources.
Professional and computer monitors or projectors
used in video or visual effects production, medical imaging and the color pre-press domain.
Any use of video where
a low fidelity image could have an adverse impact on the quality of work or desired outcome. (If someone is going to perform surgery on you with a video display to show the way, you [or they] might want it calibrated.)


Apple Valley, Minnesota
Apple Valley, Minnesota