Why calibrate your PFP, LCD or video projector?

Why settle for a mediocre setup? Even the finest manufacturers must offer their products calibrated for the typical lighting in retail showrooms. Proper calibration precisely matches a set to your system and viewing environment. Calibration is one of the most effective and least expensive "tweaks" available to improve your home theater system or television! Enjoy the full potential your video system has to offer. Get genuine ISF calibration from VC&C.

A properly calibrated video system:

Shows natural looking skin so a room full of people look like individuals (Only one John Boehner tan allowed!)
Is an essential element of a "Home Cinema", "High Performance Gaming System" or Media Room
Will faithfully reproduce the art of both cinematographers & videographers
Shows the most resolution and detail it is capable of producing
Reduces video noise and distortion
Minimizes eye strain and viewer fatigue
Lasts 50% to 200% longer than the same (phosphor based) unit at factory settings
Can render the toughest uniform colors in the league ( Vikings) so they look like you're there
Is more enjoyable & fun to watch!

Why calibrate your professional video monitor or computer display?

Because a calibrated monitor:

Reduces eye strain & operator fatigue
Repeatable results and fidelity
Maximizes display's apparent resolution
Lasts much longer (plasma)

To get the best picture your TV can produce

ask for VC&C video calibration!


Apple Valley, Minnesota
Apple Valley, Minnesota